Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coming Back To Blogger

After trying to adjust to the new blog format of my website (then getting frustrated and not feeling the same closeness of the Blogger community), I am moving my blog back over here. I miss Blogger. I miss being able to see what everyone is doing and blog hop and all that good stuff. It just feels like home here... maybe because this is where I started out, rambling about dreams and art and all things good and true :) Here are some photos of what I have been up to lately...
Lucy is still large and in charge.
I've been taking walks every evening that it has been nice outside and just taking in all the small, beautiful things that oftentimes might get overlooked.
I've been feeling very inspired by music lately and am getting back into playing the piano. 
I, um, inherited a white wine fridge from some neighbors that moved out... just in time for summer :)
Pippa is still a little hellion and tests my patience on a daily basis. And I love her for it.
'Tis thunderstorm season... and you can usually find me hiding under a blanket in the fetal position. So scary!

I planted my garden with my mom in May and everything has been growing like crazy!
My friend Laura is having a baby (due September)... She is my first close friend to have a baby. I cannot stop buying stuff for him :)

And of course there are the usual summer things that I have been looking forward to since our winter that did not end... sketching by the pool, painting late into the night with the windows open, concerts, festivals, and wine on the porch. Summertime and the living's easy. I've been crazy busy with freelance projects lately (yay!!!) but have also found time to make an abundance of new work, with more on the way! Something about the sunshine turns my inspiration and creative energy up about 1000 notches :)

Hope all is well with everyone out there. It already feels better to be back here :)