Monday, October 24, 2011

Top 10: GoalsWantsNeedsDesiresDreams

The short list:
1) Reopen my Etsy shop in November.
2) Figure out a good composition for my neighbor hood map idea.
3) Work out three times this week.
4) Create a design for business cards, labels, and packaging.
5) Make a list of things I am grateful for. Post it on my wall. When I'm feeling fussy, look at the list.
6) Read more books. A lot more.
7) Find a four leaf clover.
8) Make a visual goal poster. Put things on it like a fabulous condo, vacation destinations, and art.
9) Learn to really believe I can do this.
10) Learn how to make patterns in Photoshop.

The long list:
1) Make it happen.
2) Take a road trip around the US.
3) Make a living doing what I love.
4) Publish a book of my travel adventures.
5) Visit someplace tropical, alone or with someone. No matter.
6) Have a stranger tell me I'm an inspiration.
8) Create at least one art journal page per day.
9) Be interviewed by a magazine.
10) Volunteer weekly at at least two places.

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