Friday, May 25, 2012

Rant-y Garbage Post.

And I mean "Garbage Post" in the sense that this is going to cover little of everything. You know, like how a garbage pizza has every topping under the sun on it. I guess I just have a lot on my mind at this very moment, and it's all about to spill.

Firstly, road trips. I do not want to offend anyone here (not that I actually have readers... yet), but I do not understand people who have no desire to travel and see the world. I get the comforts of being at home and sleeping in your own bed and using your own shower. But there is just so much to see. How can you appreciate and understand other people if you have only met the people in your own town? For example, I spent last weekend in a teeny tiny town in Minnesota visiting a friend. I have never been to Minnesota. I also realized that I had never truly been to a small town. People waved at each other from cars. They knew the mail woman's name. And her daughter's name. They had those Minnesota accents. And they honestly were the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life; and they all were nice by default. Accepting and generous and kind... it was almost overwhelming. It really reignited that feeling of wanderlust in a huge way. I want to see places like that, talk to people like that, that are different. Beautiful.

There is a map on the United States on the wall in my studio. On that map is a highlighted route of my ultimate road trip, a circular route that covers I believe 43 states and would take about two months to complete ideally. When I created that route (back in October I believe), I had a departure date in mind. That date is not going to happen. But that trip will happen. Sooner than later.

Secondly, inspiration. Lately I have been obsessed with following other artist's blogs, especially the ones who make art for a living. Their message is all clear, "We all need to do more of what we love." Why settle for less? I've found that surrounding myself with the inspiration of others really helps me to stay focused on what I want to do.  A few of the artists and pieces and random beautiful things I have been inspired by lately...

Brooch bouquets. I cannot get enough of them lately. No I'm not getting married. I just think they are beautiful and artistic and all so different. Turning the old into the new is always a good thing. This one is designed by The Ritzy Rose.

Everything about Jessica Swift amazes me. I first discovered her at an art fair in Chicago and could not believe just how much work she has produced. Hundreds of prints, stationary, patterns, it's crazy. She just oozes creativity and vibrance. 

Mae Chevrette is really the artist who woke me and made me realize that it is possible to live your dreams when I read her "Quit Your Day Job" article on Etsy. I love trying to dissect other mixed media artists' processes and could look at her work for hours (and have). 

Cate Parr's use of color is stunning. And don't even get me started on the use of fine details. Swoon.

Bianca Green... love everything she does.

"Dear Earth" by Katie Daisy. Her use of paint and textures and little details fascinates me.

I love keeping up with Katie Rodgers' of PAPERFASHION and her exciting career. She is such a huge inspiration and such a natural talent. I definitely recommend following her on Instagram; it will brighten your day!!

Love Rachel Austin's use of maps underneath her paintings.

The list goes on forever... I need to surround myself with this stuff and these types of people. Inspired people who see beauty in such small things. People who see a flower on their walk to the mailbox and two days later have created a piece of art based on how lovely they thought it was. So many people don't notice things like that. I am very grateful to be a noticer. And yes I just invented that word. And I like it.