Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Journalers Anonymous.

Goooooood mooooorniiiiiing (said like Oprah, possibly while waving arms)!!!! Looking for recommendations! After almost a year, my beloved art journal only has about 12 days of space left in it before it is completely full. I thought I would be excited to fill it up and start fresh in a new book, but I am feeling oddly sad and sentimental about finishing this one. I can look back through the pages and remember some amazing and also not-so-amazing times over the past year. It will definitely be great to start another chapter so to speak, but bittersweet too.

Anyway, enough rambling. I've had too much coffee already this morning and it's only 9:30. I am trying to decide what kind of book I want to use for my next journal and am wondering what everyone out there uses. I have seen some amazing handmade books on Etsy, that have all different types of paper and sizes of pages. I really really like those. Moleskine journals also look nice, but I think I need something with thicker paper. Watercolor paper maybe. What does everyone use? Do you make your own? Buy handmade? I am super indecisive and am having a tough time finding the perfect journal to commit the next year to! Hope everyone is having a beautiful Wednesday :)


  1. I learned from my last journal, when in doubt use thicker paper. I ruined my older pages just because I was so excited using so watered-down acrylic paint. Good luck soul searching :).

    1. Thanks Shahrul! I agree about the thicker paper! Check out this journal... I think this may be the one:
      I have a smaller version from this Etsy shop and absolutely LOVE it! I use a lot of paint in mine too... and alcohol ink which bleeds through pages like it's it's job! :)