Sunday, June 3, 2012

Garden Fun!

Four years ago on my birthday, my mom was stumped when it came to a birthday present when she suddenly had an idea. I had just moved to a new apartment; it sits on the corner of the building and I have a cute little patio and a decent-sized mulch bed (for an apartment). She said, "How about I buy you flowers and we plant a garden?" I was skeptical at first. I am not so much a domestic goddess and only cook using the microwave. Wasn't gardening hard? How would I know how much to water, or where to plant, or what to trim?? Long story short, four years ago I discovered I have a wicked green thumb. Someday when I have a house of my own, it will have a huge garden. Like the Secret Garden. And I will do it all myself, because I like to. It was the best present ever and now the day I plant my flowers becomes, never fail, one of my favorite days of the year. This weekend was flower weekend. Some photos of the process...

Once I start planting, I go into this craze where I cannot stop until it's done because I cannot wait to step back and see what everything looks like. My mom always helps me lay things out because she is also a fabulous gardener and know how tall things grow... things I am still learning :)

Finally finished!

View looking in sideways...

Found some interesting geraniums and some black velvet petunias to put in pots!

My brother got me those little lights for my birthday... they have solar cells on top and charge all day then light up at night! 

Decided to pot the million bells this year... they always go nuts when I put them in a hanging basket.

Herb corner. This year is basil, parsley, cilantro... and my "rescue plant" that I think is spearmint. Someone left it by my patio, probably knowing I'd make use of it.

Now I feel like it is officially summer. Garden is planted, pool is open, sun is shining. I love how life just kind of flows a little easier this time of year. Can't wait to light some candles, pour some wine, and have a patio art journaling session tonight. 


  1. I love your garden! I'm in the process of creating a little balcony garden. The strawberries are growing so fast! :D

    1. Ooooo I have never tried strawberries before... I may have to add that to my experiment list! Glad you are enjoying your garden as well... it's so much fun :)

  2. Love the garden and your herb rock is so sweet! I am getting ready to put some flowers in but am certain they won't last long. A Border Collie and a young Beagle Lab are the reasons why. lol