Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Leibster Blog Award!

So I am pretty new to the blog world and am quickly becoming an avid and addicted fan. I tend to play hopscotch and click links from blog to blog to blog... It is so refreshing to see so many creative people sharing what they love with everyone possible. What an amazing community with such incredible talent.

Today I was delighted to receive a Leibster Blog Award from the lovely Carolyn from Little Gretel Dolls. I may or may not have used up 30 minutes of company time when I got lost in the magic of her blog at work. Whoops. But hey, we all need a little magic in our lives right? Her blog is beautiful... the perfect place to get lost. Thank you so much Carolyn :)

The way the Leibster works is once you receive it, you want to share the love. Pick three of your favorite blogs (I have read somewhere that blogs with under 100 followers are preferred?) and pass the award on to them. Here are three blogs that brighten my days:

Such Pretty Canvas by Shahrul Niza. She is a mixed media artist with a fabulous eye for color. I am in love with her art journal pages!

Also loving Sasha Fitzgerald's blog, Fashion, findings, art, life, and LOTS of eye candy. It's a happy feel-good kind of place.

Imported Eyedea by Kt... this girl writes with charisma that will make you crack up... like out loud. She shares her life in her blog and is what? Oh, a fantastic and unique jewelry maker.  

Well... time to get to art journaling... is it Friday yet?


  1. Congrats Jenn on the award! I too, just discovered your blog and am loving it, every minute I'm here. Thank you for chosen me as one of your favs. <3

  2. Congratulations Jenn!!! And thank you so much for giving one to me! *blushes* that is very sweet! <3