Sunday, August 18, 2013

Random Obsessions

One of the first Etsy shops to make me stop dead in my tracks was Raceytay Fine Art Photography. Tracey's photos are pure magic and the moods she creates are like something out of a dream. Don't even get me started on her eye for color. But aaaaaanyway, I stop by her shop fairly frequently to take in the delicious inspiration and this week I was browsing her photo sets. My absolute favorite set is this one, showcasing the beauty of the four seasons:

Four seasons photography gift set by Raceytay.

Gorgeous right?? While browsing through these, a thought occurred to me... why have I not put together photos as sets before? I created one set with four fair photos that just kind of went together, and sold a few right away. So why not play with the, oh, 2200 photos I have saved in my Adobe library? Thus, a new obsession was born. Here are some of the groupings I have created so far (all are available in my etsy shop):

Spring Rain

The Ocean Enchanted

Little Wishes

Ad Centrum Mundi


Heaven and Earth
I did a pretty good job of littering my Facebook page with these as I finished them... I get randomly very excited about new projects like this. It was like I was seeing the same photos I've looked at thousands of times in a completely new light. Yay for new obsessions :)

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