Monday, September 30, 2013

Pacific Coast Road Trip 2013

Wow, what a whirlwind the month of September has been. I spent the first couple of weeks finishing a few freelance projects, creating some new work for my shop, and began a huge shop facelift as well. Then I spent a week in the Outer Banks with friends, then missed a flight to a beautiful wedding I was invited to (but made it to the reception), then spent this past week playing catch-up on all the orders I got while on vacation. I also learned the hard way, after a couple of shipping issues, that I'm not going to try to keep my shop open while I am out of town for extended periods of time. It was waaaay too tricky.

So now here it is September 30 (and my twin brothers' 28th birthday!!), and in a few hours I am going to hop on a flight to Chicago, spend the night with my friend Amber, then bright and early tomorrow we are going to catch a flight to LA. Driving up Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast has been on my bucket list for a very long time. I feel like a lot of people have a bucket list, but they just kind of keep it and never really do anything that's on it. They wait for the perfect time, or for when they have the perfect amount of money, or they say they will do it next year. Is it financially responsible for me to take two vacations within two weeks of one another? Not exactly. Would it be a more responsible idea for me to stay home and work on my shop and prepare for the (hopefully crazy) holiday rush? Absolutely. But thoughts like this are what keep peoples' bucket lists untouched and just wishful ideas. There are a million quotes floating around out there about how we only have this moment and the time is now and so on... but they are so true. Go do something crazy. Now. Today. Do something that some people are absolutely going to judge you for. And do not let it bother you one bit.

I cannot wait for these next few days... collecting inspiration, taking pictures, having great conversation, seeing parts of the country I've never seen before... I cannot believe we are doing this!!! If you follow me on Instagram (@Jenndalyn, or, I am going to be taking a million photos of this journey. Here is our route, although we have no solid plan. Which is awesome.

We must be crazy. It's a lot of driving. And I cannot wait to get started.

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