Sunday, May 22, 2016

Art Journal Pages As of Lately

Well since I haven't blogged in about 7000 years up until the past week or so, I realized that there are many pages in my art journal that haven't been shared on here. I get lots of questions about my process when it comes to creating these pages, and people seem surprised to hear that I rarely work with a plan. It's a very therapeutic thing, kind of like my mind spilling out on paper. I glue, I doodle, I add in words and quotes and phrases that are in my head at the time. While creating away, I often work through issues, come to realizations, obtain clarity on things, and just let out my emotions in general. Pretty much my art journal is the only shrink I will ever need.

Hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and has done something that makes you feel wonderful :)


  1. Your beautiful work, very inspiring! Expand the possibilities of creating! Wanderlust saw your class and was delighted! Thank you!