Saturday, July 7, 2012

Long Live Bohemian Summers

It has been insanely crazy super mega long since I have created a new piece of art, other than things in my art journal and photography. I feel like I was scared almost? Or I couldn't commit to one idea? Who knows. The creative flow can be fickle for me. This seemed like the perfect creation for this blistering summer day. It's mixed media on a 11" x 14" panel. Yay boho :)


  1. this is soo lovely, I really like it! just today I was looking thru some Mucha prints I have and thinking about my flavorful hippie/nature girl/exotica decades. I am still her and lately see no reason not to recapture some of that style - with an adaptation to my life now (I am not living in a teepee or traveling to festivals at this time!) your art piece seems to sum it all up - syncronicity of the muses... it is very nice and comfortable here on the Oregon coast - the ocean breeze has been brisk today. I think often of everyone who is dealing with the heat - cool and refreshing winds to you all. I know I would not be good with the heat after my coastal years where 70 is pushing the warmth envelope!! I need to visit family in Colorado and Arizona but would melt and be wimpy...

    1. Thank you Vickie! I loooooove Mucha and have been wanting to play around with something inspired by him. I have never visited anywhere on the west coast and Oregon is actually the place I want to see most... I have been in love with the misty landscape ever since watching The Goonies when I was little!!

  2. Beautiful! Yes, long live Bohemian Summers!!!

  3. Long live Boho!. This is a gorgeous painting!. I love the detailed braid & the flower tiara. Hugs.