Thursday, October 25, 2012

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 1

So I have not painted in aaaaaaages. When looking through my "scary closet" the other day (this would be the closet in my studio that houses any and all extra things I own plus my HUGE collection of Christmas decorations), a bag of acrylic paint that I forgot existed just kind of fell out. Okay, sign noted, day 1 would involve painting. 

In a college painting course I once took, my professor (a very serious dutch lady who outlawed listening to music during her class) once looked at me, arms crossed shaking her head, and told me I couldn't just sit there and "happily paint" and I needed to dig into some deep, dark place. She hated my use of bright colors. So in my next painting I tried to use "scary colors." What I ended up with: pastels. Lesson I learned: I like color. She does not. We are all different. 

Anyway, I started this by misting the paper with water in a spray bottle, then dragged some thinned acrylic over the surface. The darker spots are alcohol ink, one of my favorite game-changers (if anyone hasn't yet discovered Tim Holtz you MUST check out his stuff!), then splattered some white on top. It was so liberating and awesome to not worry about how it would turn out... which is exactly what I wanted to feel. 

Day 1 = crazy bright colorful success. Today is Day 2 and I'm already thinking of a totally different direction to try. No rules. My favorite way to operate!

Read about how this project began HERE.


  1. I absolutely love this! So cheerful! A great way to start your project, I think. :)

  2. This is really beautiful!! I love your use of bright colors :)