Thursday, October 25, 2012

40 Works In 40 Days - Day 2

I've been working on logos and designs for a handful of people lately... which is kind of a first for me. You have to learn to take things with a grain of salt because let's face it: everyone's taste is different. What you think is awesome someone else might shudder at. But that's one of the infinite things that makes life interesting; no two of us are alike.

A couple of the logos I have been working on involve portraits/faces which I LOVE drawing. I run into trouble because a lot of people like a clean-cut, simple style... and I cannot stop adding details and embellishments and glitter and squiggles and.... I digress. 

So for Day 2, I wanted to do a portrait (really liking drawing faces lately, after a many year gap of not doing so) with no limits/boundaries/etc. Et voila, we have this crazy little chica :)

Read about how this project began HERE.

And the originals from this project are available HERE.

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  1. I LOVE LOVE your portrait art, always so detailed and feminine :). The more the better here :). The flower painting from Day 1 was adorable. Such happy flowers!