Saturday, November 10, 2012

40 Works in 40 Days - Days 11-13

-Power went out last night in the middle of this post... thank the lord for autosave!!-

One would think that since I no longer have a day job, I would be better about blog posts! I have had so much stuff to work on lately, which is tricky for me... due to my scattered and indecisive nature. I'm the type of person that will start working on Thing 1, then get an idea bout Thing 2 that cannot be ignored, start on that, then see Thing 3 and Thing 4 in a pile on the floor and instantly feel the need to make progress on them, then agree to begin a project involving Thing 5... and I digress.

However, through my frantic working on multiple things at once, I have kept up with my 40 Works in 40 Days promise/project :) Without further adieu, here are days 11-13:

Day 11. I was feeling pretty angsty this day if I remember correctly. For me, nothing cures angst/anger/frustration like some good old-fashioned paint flinging. To create this work, I opened my junk drawer and started randomly pulling things out and frantically gluing them to the paper. After I had created the amount of layers I was after, I took out a spray bottle filled with water and soaked the entire page. Next, I started flinging watercolor, acrylic paint, and alcohol ink. Lastly, I poured salt over the entire mess. Adding salt to watercolor and/or acrylic can create a crystalized look. Definitely try experimenting with that; all you need is good old Morton salt. Lastly, I drew some flowers with a black pigment marker, then added highlights with a white paint marker. This was a fun piece to make and simply reminds me of joy :)

Day 12. I have always been in love with the idea of creating a realistic-esque portrait, then just going to town with as many details and embellishments and decorative elements as possible. That's where I went with Day 12's work. I opened a pencil case that hadn't been opened since I was in college, took out the most amazing fat 2B pencil I could find, and drew a portrait. Then it got a little crazy, with watercolor flowers, leaves, and a beautiful mess of doodles :)

Day 13. More experimenting with this one. First I did a watercolor wash in sunset-inspired colors. We have been having some of the most amazing sunsets lately here in Columbus. Next, I stood on a chair and dripped alcohol ink onto the paper. I wanted to see if dripping from high up did anything different... and it did. It's hard to see in the scan, but there are teeny tiny confetti-like splashes all over the place. It looks really cool in person. 

Cannot wait to post the next three days!! Thankfully the power is back this morning with no sign of a storm in sight. It was so weird to have a thunderstorm last night... in the middle of November! 

Oh, and about the job interview. I am guessing they went with someone else, because I never got a phone call. However, I was actually at the place I applied at on Thursday for their Columbus-famous Ladies 80's night. Somewhere in the artificial smoke, loud music, flashing strobe lights, and creepy drunk men, I decided that it's for the best that I visit that bar only as a patron and not a drink-slinger. 

Going to take a break from art right now and actually join a gym. I have found that a steady diet of Ramen noodles does not agree with my figure... I tried to put on some pants on Thursday night (it's weird for me to stray from my usual attire of yoga pants and t-shirts lately) and they were TIGHT. I about died. Again, since I'm not spending upwards of 9 hours a day working/commuting to work, I can spend an hour or two (or three might be necessary...) at the gym. 

Looking forward to scanning in and posting more work later :)


  1. Day 11: Love the Colors!! Love the Design!!

    Day 12: Totally Wonderful !! I told both my husband and daughter about your 40 days project and showed them all your art to date... this one is my daughter's favorite. Your portraits are Beautiful.

    Day 13: I like the design on this one too. Plus, knowing the technique of standing on a chair was pretty cool, as well. Just for the heck of it, I am going to try this to see what it does! Thank you for describing how you do some of your is fun to know what goes behind the design.

    As far as the job interview....sounds like there should be something better just waiting out there for you...cuz really who wants to be around creepy drunk men, smoke, loud music on a regular basis!! When you said bartender, I was picturing a bartender at some sort of reputable restaurant!! Out here in Seattle, we have so many nice restaurants that have bartenders, and they don't have to put up with the things you mentioned. I'm sure Columbus has them as well.

    1. Hahahahha the bar I applied at is reputable... for being very busy and filled with hipsters. I was trying to overlook the clientele and think of the money that could possibly be made, but when I was there actually amongst the clientele I thought, "Oh lord no." I have another interview tomorrow at a really nice and beautiful Irish pub/restaurant... fingers are crossed!! Knowing that you shared my ongoing project here to your family is very meaningful and touching. Another one of those moments when the absolute support to see from people in the creative community is unbelievable. If I ever make it out to Seattle we have to get a cup of coffee!! :)