Saturday, November 10, 2012

40 Works in 40 Days - Days 14-16

Heeeeere we go....

Day 14. I've been really into portraits lately. When you start exploring the different ways to embellish them, there really are an endless number of possibilities. I've been doing work like this since college; I'm not too sure what it is I love about making them. Perhaps simply a love for fancy things :)

Day 15. I honestly just let this one create itself. Sometimes it's funny to see what the mind comes up with when you just don't think and start working. I wasn't too sure how I felt about it at first, especially after gluing the circles... but then decided to just go with it and that whatever manifests will be beautiful because it was borne from the subconscious. Looking at it now, it seems kind of sad, gloomy, rainy... or maybe calming? Not too sure. Pretty sure tonight's work is going to follow this same idea... just start working and see what happens.

Day 16. This was Thursday, and for whatever reason, that was one of those days where my mind is just all over the place. I took a long, nighttime walk and thought about a lot of things. Then I went out with a friend and partied like a 21 year old. When I was little, I was pretty fascinated with the idea of the phoenix. I was a cheerleader (sshhh... don't tell anyone) and one of the teams from a nearby town (Phoenix, NY) was called "The Firebirds." Their uniforms were orange and black and I remember being sooo jealous of their name because it just sounded really cool. In college, I babysat for a family with two kids who were waaaaay above average when it came to intelligence and both were insanely artistic, especially the older child, Rebecca. I have a drawing from when she was maybe 5 that you wouldn't believe. I should share it sometime. But she was also fascinated with the idea of the phoenix... a bird that burst into flames and then is reborn from its own ashes. It's a cool idea, right? Maybe I'm just a huge dork. But when I sat looking at the fiery colors I had laid down as the background of this page, the subject of the drawing seemed obvious. 

Today is Day 18. Hard to believe I am almost halfway through, and even harder to believe the growing pile of crazy art I have sitting on my table. And even harder to believe that soon it will have doubled in size! 

I love art.


  1. Glad to see you are back!

    Day 14: Spectacular!!

    Day 15: Very Cool...and Calming!

    Day 16: Awesome!

    Love the Art you have been creating!

    And it would be really fun to see Rebecca's art at age 5.

    Over here in our household, we are fascinated with the Phoenix as well.

    Great Work. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Now I'm off to go comment on your earlier works...

    1. Joan you are AMAZING!! Reading your comments causes an instant gigantic smile to become plastered to my face. Thank you so so much :)

  2. Oh how I LOVE your portraits!!!. Please keep them coming! LOL. Your girls are really gorgeous, with or without embellishments :). And you're right about the kitties too. LOVE your zentangle kitties!

    1. Thank you so much Shahrul!! You say the kindest things!!