Wednesday, November 14, 2012

These Days

Oh yes, that happy little print is the direct result of me feeding my Photoshop addiction for about three hours today. I have so many scraps of patterns and small illustrations that I have been working on lately (which is awesome... my studio is bursting with art) so why not combine a bunch to make a cute print with a good message? Prints available HERE.

So it's Wednesday. Usually in my mind, Wednesdays were good, especially Wednesday nights. More than halfway through the work week. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now Wednesday is just Wednesday. It's another day, another opportunity, to make something beautiful. I love that.

But... speaking of jobs... I got one. Yes, I bit the bullet and interviewed for a bartending job at a fun Irish pub that's just about a ten minute walk from my apartment. It kind of annoyed me that the ad said that they were hiring bartenders, yet when I was interviewed I was told that everyone has to start as a server first, pretty much to prove themselves. I get that, but say that in the ad. In any case, I'm excited for a lot of reasons. Firstly of course because it will be nice to have a guaranteed source of income that comes from a (hopefully) non-stressful workplace. Secondly, it gets kind of lonely around here sometimes. I see my friends a lot in the evenings, and I love being able to hang out in my yoga pants and paint and draw all day, but I'm a social person and just miss having people to constantly chat with. Thirdly, I honestly miss working in the service industry. Sure it can be thankless work and you get the occasional people who treat you like you are the dirt on the bottom of their shoe, but after a while, that stuff doesn't bother you. So if anyone reading this happens to live in Columbus, you can come and find me at The Three Legged Mare in the Arena District :)

I'm starting to get nervous about Thanksgiving. That's when I'm planning on telling my parents about quitting my job. Maybe they already know; I'm not sure. I may have to tell them before that because I start work on Monday and don't know if I will have to work Wednesday night. Ugh. The fact that a handful of people who I know very well and are generally open-minded individuals have made a few backhanded comments to me about how I'm "not really working" makes me nervous. If they don't understand, how will my insanely conventional parents handle this?

Oh well. Can't worry about that now. All I want to be focusing on is success and doing what I have to do to make this work. 


  1. Well I understand your nervousness, but just be encouraged and strong. I feel that if you are not asking any of the naysayers for money to cover your bills and needs, then it's none of their business how you make a living. If you quit your job and have to rely on others to pick up the tab, that's different. If that were the case, then you'd have to do what others feel is needed to survive, get AND keep a full-time job, ANY job, lol. I know that you realize that you're your own woman, and an adult, but you just don't want to hear what they have to say. Your work is so unique, that's part of why you're successful.

  2. Sandi, you are amazing. Thank you so so much for your encouragement and support; it means the world to me.